January 30th 2019

January Meeting Invitation

Please join us for the monthly Charlotte SQL Server User Group evening meeting.

    • What ~ Charlotte SQL Server User Group Meeting

    • When ~ Wednesday, January 30th, 2019

        • 5:30 PM Networking with Food & Refreshments
        • 6:00 PM Technical Presentation
      • 7:30 PM Meeting End
    • Where @ 8055 Microsoft Way, Charlotte, NC 28273 Map it

    • PresenterSandra Peele – CMI Solutions

    • Topic Index Trek

  • Registration – Free RSVP required at EventBrite

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Sandra Peele

Sandra Peele started her career in the 1980’s as a demand forecaster in the materials planning department of AT&T Network Systems. She left the workforce in 1990 to raise a family and in 2010, returned to school to study database technology, eventually teaching courses herself. She has both MSCE: Data Management and Analytics and Oracle 11g OCA certifications. Sandra is a SQL Developer at CMI Solutions, a Microsoft Partner specializing in software for convenience stores

When learning something new, it’s helpful to have a foundation. Yet, indexes are often taught with only one or two sentences of explanation before CREATE INDEX. I recall a student, exasperated by the textbook definition saying, “Will someone just SHOW ME an index!” The goal of this high level presentation is to do just that. In this 60 minute mission, we’ll explore nonclustered and clustered indexes as well as the strange new world of columnstore indexes. Rather than focus on space and time requirements of indexes and index maintenance, we’ll seek out new understanding:

  • Why well-designed indexes speed up queries.
  • Why queries must be engineered carefully to use indexes.
  • Why indexes have both benefits and drawbacks.

After the mission, you’ll be prepared to further explore the galaxy of indexes.
This presentation was co-produced with St├ęphane Faroult, author of Getting the Message Across: Using Slideware Effectively for Technical Presentations and The Art of SQL.

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